What is KITeS

KITeS' mission is to understand the relationship between innovation, firms competitiveness and economic growth in the global economy. KITeS research focuses on three key areas: innovation and applied economics, technology management and international trade.

KITeS is an inter-departmental research center, integrating researchers from Economics, Management and Institutional Analysis. It builds upon three pre-existing research centers (CESPRI, CRITOM and ISESAO) which have recently merged to forge one of the largest and most visibile European groups in the innovation studies area.

KITeS was established in 2008. The centre is hosted by Bocconi University, located in Milan.
KITeS' Fellows are affiliated to the Departments of Economics, Management and Institutional Analysis and Public Management.

Honorary President is Fabrizio Onida, President is Salvatore Vicari and Director is Franco Malerba.
Deputy Directors are: Stefano Breschi, Myriam Mariani, Emanuela Prandelli.

Members of the Board of Directors are: Salvatore Vicari, Franco Malerba, Myriam Mariani, Emanuela Prandelli, Carlo Altomonte, Stefano Breschi, Paolo Epifani, Carlo Filippini, e Alberto Grando.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board are: Franco Malerba, Stefano Breschi, Myriam Mariani, Emanuela Prandelli, Alfonso Gambardella, Gianmarco Ottaviano, Gianmario Verona.

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