2010 and forthcoming Publications of KITeS Fellows and Affiliates

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Authors Title Journal
Breschi S. and Lenzi C. "Spatial patterns of inventors' mobility: Evidence on US urban areas" Papers in Regional Sciences
Brusoni S. and Orsenigo L. (with Balconi M.) "In Defence of the Linear Model: An Essay" Research Policy
Brusoni S. (with Vaccaro A. and Veloso F.) "Virtual Design, Problem Framing and Innovation: An Empirical Study in the Automotive Industry" Journal of Management Studies
Corrocher N. "The adoption of Web 2.0 services: An empirical investigation" Technological Forecasting & Social Change
Corrocher N. and Zirulia L. "Demand and Innovation in Services: the case of Mobile Communications" Research Policy
Corrocher N. and Zirulia L. "Switching costs, consumer heterogeneity and price discrimination" Journal of Economics
Cusmano, L., A. Morrison (with R. Rabellotti) Catching-up Trajectories in the Wine Sector: A Comparative Study of Chile, Italy and South Africa World Development
Cusmano, L., M.L. Mancusi and A. Morrison "Globalisation of production and innovation: how outsourcing is reshaping an advanced manufacturing area" Regional Studies
Fontana R. and Malerba F. "Entry, demand and survival in the semiconductor industry" Industrial and Corporate Change
Fontana R. (with Bodas Freitas I., Clausen T., Verspagen B.) "Formal and Informal External Linkages and firms' Innovative Strategies. A Cross-Country Comparison" Journal of Evolutionary Economics
Fontana R. (with Crespi G., Geuna A., D'Este P.) "The impact of academic patenting on university research and its transfer" Research Policy
Fontana R. (with Balconi M.) "Entry and innovation. An analysis of the fabless semiconductor business" Small Business Economics
Fontana R. (with Nesta L.) "Pre-entry Experience, Post-entry Learning and Firm Survival. Evidence from the Local Area Networking Switch Industry" Structural Change and Economic Dynamics
Gambardella, A. (with McGahan, A.) "Business-Model Innovation, General Purpose Technologies, Specialization and Industry Change" Long Range Planning
Gambardella, A. (with Arora, A.) "Ideas for Rent: An Overview of Markets for Technology" Industrial and Corporate Change
Gambardella, A. (with Giarratana, M.) "Organizational Attributes and the Distribution of Rewards in a Region: Managerial Firms vs Knowledge Clusters" Organization Science
Gambardella, A. and Panico, C. (with Giarratana, M.) "How and When Should Companies Retain their Human Capital? Contracts, Incentives, and Human Resource Implications" Industrial and Corporate Change
Laureiro-Martinez D., Brusoni S. and M. Zollo "The neuro-scientific foundations of the exploration-exploitation dilemma" Journal of Neurosciences, Psychology and Economics
Lenzi C. "Workers' mobility and patterns of knowledge diffusion: Evidence from Italian data" Journal of Technology Transfer
Lissoni F., J. Mairesse, F. Montobbio and M. Pezzoni "Scientific Productivity in Centralized Research Systems: Academic Physics in France and Italy" Industrial and Corporate Change
Mavilia R. (joint with Ferrara M.) "Knowledge Flows and Technological Trajectories in the Mediterranea Area: Evidence from Patent Citations" African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development
Montobbio F. (joint with Bacchiocchi E.) "International knowledge diffusion  and home-bias effect. Do USPTO & EPO patent citations tell the same story?" Scandinavian Journal of Economics
Montobbio F. and Sterzi V. "Inventing Together: Exploring the Nature of International Knowledge Spillovers in Latin America" Journal of Evolutionary Economics
Morrison (with Giuliani E.,  C. Pietrobelli, R. Rabellotti) "Why do Researchers Collaborate with Industry? An Analysis of the Wine Sector in Chile, South Africa and Italy" Research Policy
Zirulia L. (joint with Lacetera N.) "The Economics of Scientific Misconduct" Journal of Law, Economics and Organization

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